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Appointment Reminders

Send text reminders right from Google Sheets. Text bulk recipients immediately or save time with scheduled texts and be in two places at one time.
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Send Text Reminders

Text message reminders aren’t just for appointments and events. Use them to remind customers about payments, services, promotions, and more.

Using text message reminders is a simple yet impactful strategy for enhancing client engagement in businesses. Utilizing SMS for reminding clients about their appointments is a straightforward method to stay in touch with them, thereby minimizing the likelihood of unattended appointments that can result in a loss of money and time. Simply open Sheet Gurus SMS in your Google Spreadsheet with recipient phone numbers. Compose your text messages with your preferred dynamic content and schedule away!
Consider a real life scenario that one of our customer's faces. They manage a beauty salon that averages four client no shows each week. Each client brings an average of $300 per appointment, which is netting out to an average loss of $1200 a week. Monthly this is resulting in $4800 of opportunity cost loss. Using Sheet Gurus SMS, they not only remind clients of upcoming appointments, but get early cancellations that let them reschedule newly open schedule slots.