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Sheet Gurus SMS for Education

The easiest to use texting solution for teachers, educators and school administrators. Reach parents and staff on the only communication method that has a 98% open rate.
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Here's all the reasons why it matters

A lot of school messaging services require people to download an app. That’s often something people do begrudgingly. Google even found that “download our app” on a website caused 69% of people to immediately leave. On the other hand, everyone has access to a mobile phone and knows how to use text messaging. Implementing an SMS text system is an easy way to open up communication and avoid the barriers of third-party apps.
It’s also helpful that it’s a channel people prefer. That’s especially true for 44% of Gen Z, who look at notifications within one minute of receiving a text — 27% faster than the national average. There’s no other channel that can guarantee the same level of engagement, making it invaluable for your school’s communication strategy.

Connect With Your Parents and Students

Be more in touch with your students than ever before

SMS for education helps you keep close contact with parents and students. Sheet Gurus SMS let's you send bulk text messages to individuals instead of group messages like with traditional smart phones.
Reach out to parents about student progress in your curriculum or send reminders to students about upcoming assignment due dates and exams.