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Sheet Gurus SMS for Real Estate

The easiest to use texting solution for real estate professionals. Reach clients on the only communication method that has a 98% open rate.
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Send texts right from Google Sheets without learning new software

Get started by simply creating your contact list and any message details you're interested in including right in Google Sheets. Organize your data in ways that makes sense to you to start reaching out to your contacts.
Send texts right from Google Sheets. Share listings to interested recipients in real-time, sync with other brokers on new listings before they hit the market, send showing/appointment reminders with scheduled messaging, and personalize relationships with clients using our dynamic variables and two way messaging.

Stay Connected With Clients and Brokers

Spend less time texting and more time on relationship building

SMS for real estate marketing helps you skip cold email inboxes. Sheet Gurus SMS let's you send bulk text messages to individuals instead of group messages like with traditional smart phones.
Experience increased sales, improved client retention, and reduced stress with Sheet Gurus SMS. Let us do the heavy lifting to personalize your messages and create the most effective outreach possible.