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Sheet Gurus to Streamline Customer Feedback Collection for Your Startup
Sheet Gurus Team
Sheet Gurus Team
June 22, 2023
1 min
Sheet Gurus to Streamline Customer Feedback Collection for Your Startup


In the fast-paced world of startups, customer feedback is an invaluable resource. It provides startups with critical insights into what’s working, what’s not, and what potential improvements could be made. One effective way to gather this feedback is through SMS, which boasts a 98% open rate, far exceeding email’s 20%. Enter Sheet Gurus, a Google Sheets-integrated SMS tool.

Using Sheet Gurus for Customer Feedback

Sheet Gurus makes it easy to solicit feedback from customers by sending personalized messages directly from Google Sheets. By setting up a simple feedback request campaign, you can reach out to customers promptly after a purchase or service experience. These timely requests often result in higher response rates, providing startups with the real-time feedback they need to adapt and grow.

Advantages of Using Sheet Gurus

Sheet Gurus is not just a tool for communication; it’s a tool for business growth. Its simplicity and affordability make it an ideal choice for startups. Since it integrates with Google Sheets, a platform most businesses are already familiar with, your team can hit the ground running without the need to learn a new interface.

Moreover, SMS feedback collection has several advantages over email. Faster response times, higher open rates, and a more personalized communication method help startups build stronger relationships with their customers and increase brand loyalty.


By leveraging Sheet Gurus, startups can streamline the customer feedback process, making it more efficient and effective. With instant communication and the convenience of Google Sheets, gathering customer feedback has never been easier. Embrace Sheet Gurus and turn your customer feedback into your startup’s roadmap to success.


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