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SMS Texting For Education And Teachers
Sheet Gurus Team
Sheet Gurus Team
December 12, 2023
1 min

Stay connected to parents about student progress, school alerts, and notifications with SMS for schools. Enhance school communication withSMS text messaging for teachers, parents, and students. Reduce administrative burden for teachers and staff.

Reach teachers, parents, and students with the same form of outreach we use in our everyday lives with a teacher texting app.

Text messages are today’s predominant form of communication. Stop writing emails that get lost in overflooded inboxes. Effective communication is key to make sure that important information is delivered to parents, teachers, and students.

Sheet Gurus SMS is easy to use and works out of the box with a tool you already know - Google Sheets. Teachers or administrators can send bulk texts easily from a custom phone number within a Google Sheets addon. Students and parents will receive notifications on their phone and can respond directly to you.

Real - Time Communication Parents are more likely to read and respond to SMS messages compared to emails or paper notices. Improve instances of poor communication as texts are easily accessible on their own mobile devices.

Send and receive MMS messages and iOS reactions directly from parents as a means of more efficient communication.

Reduce Administrative Burden and Improve Usability Communicate with others in real-time. Make sure those emergency alerts about school closures, or other time-sensitive announcements are delivered immediately.

Schedule messages or notifications at times that you think will get maximum engagement.

Many schools don’t have or need complex software solutions. Sheet Gurus SMS is a perfect option as a simple and cost effective mass sms texting service.

Federal regulations to get approved for a phone number can be tricky. Using AI, we help you get your verification approved quickly and easily.

Sheet Gurus SMS Dynamic Template Example

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