Send texts from Sheets

*Communication is key.* Whether you're an executive managing a team, a marketer contacting potential clients, or a business owner interfacing with customers. Being able to easily and effectively reach out to others is an integral part of every business and organization. People are often too slow to check email for urgent matters, or may not open them at all, but there is another avenue which has steadily become the favorite mode of communication: **Text messaging.** For marketers, while email puts up a decent 22% open rate, it pales in comparison to text messages which have a **98% open rate across all demographics.** So why aren't more businesses taking advantage of this enormously successful avenue of disseminating information? Well because generally it has been a pain to work with, until now. Welcome [Sheet Gurus SMS.]( This is a fantastic extension which builds right into your Google Sheets and allows you to instantly send dozens or hundreds of dynamic, custom text messages to recipients inside and outside of your organization. Simply [click here]( and install the application by clicking the blue "FREE" button near the top and the extension will automatically make itself home in your Add-ons toolbar inside of Google Sheets. The add-on comes with a handy dandy [User Guide]( which can answer any and every question you may have about using the add-on, but in case it doesn't you can also contact the developers from directly inside your Google Sheet by clicking Add-ons -> Sheet Gurus SMS -> Contact us. What could be easier? To start sending text messages from a spreadsheet simply create a new sheet and in the first row put your data headers for the information you have relating to your recipients. You can put anything you want up here, as long as 1 column of your data contains only the phone number of each recipient, 1 per row. I'll borrow an image from the User Guide linked above to show you what that should look like. ![Img](// This is how your data should look when using Sheet Gurus SMS, with the first row being headers, and all subsequent rows containing recipient data.Once you've got your data setup in your sheet, you are only a couple button clicks away from sending out dynamic text messages directly from inside your Google sheet! First open the add-on sidebar by clicking Add-ons -> Sheet Gurus SMS -> Gurus SMS. Then in the sidebar enter the column which lists your phone numbers for your recipients. In the above image, that would be Column A. Below that you can write the message you'd like to send to everyone. Now what's really cool about Sheet Gurus SMS is it allows you to mark custom variables in your message that will be automatically substituted per-recipient to their specific data. Here is an example. ![Img](// Note the special {curly brace} syntax found in the message. This is how you insert custom variables, which are described below in more detail.So by surrounding a certain word or phrase with { } you are able to then substitute it with a row-specific value on the next page of the sidebar after clicking Set Variables. Go ahead and check it out, don't worry you can always go back to the previous page and edit your message further. Note that the {variable} names you declared should be highlighted in green. If they aren't make sure you are using the { }, and not [ ] or ( )On the Set Variables page you will see all of the variables you included in your message automatically highlighted in green. Below your message you are now able to dynamically change the content of each message by selecting which column you'd like to replace your placeholder variables with in your message. See the screenshots above for an example. Once you click Preview here you will be taken to the final send page of the add-on. Make sure to take one more look at your message at the top of the sidebar on this page before clicking send. What you see up there is exactly what your recipient will receive, so all of your variables should be automatically substituted in for you. You can browse through the messages before sending by clicking the left and right arrow buttons at the very top. The add-on works on a credits system where each text costs $0.03 to send. However, when you install the add-on for the first time you are automatically gifted 50 free starter credits with no credit card or payment required. Happy texting!