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Bulk Texting Service Buyers Guide
June 14, 2023 12:22 AM

There are many ways to send bulk text messages. Let us help you choose the right mass text messaging service for your business. 

What does Bulk Mean in Text?

Bulk, in this context, means sending hundreds (or thousands) of unique text messages. This is different then setting up a large group text. Typically, senders start with a template message and personalize with data from a list of contacts. This saves you the time of typing out hundreds of the same message. 

Why Is Text Messaging Valuable?

Answer: the open rates are very high. Wireless carriers have gone to great lengths to block spam texts, which results in high trust scores. Given this trust and lack of spam, sending texts has become an efficient way to reach target audiences. Often used for appointment reminders, event reminders, marking, and other things.

Registration Requirements

You must register with The Campaign Registry before sending mass text messages. Most bulk texting services will do this for you. Note registration requirements are stricter for 10 digit phone numbers than a toll free numbers.

The Options

Robust Platforms 

These are web-based platforms that you store your customer data in and run large campaigns out of. Either sync to your CRM system or upload contact list CSVs to ingest customer data. Can generally send both SMS and MMS (pictures or GIFs). Typically include the ability to schedule messages.

Used by very large brands / businesses. Can be complex and costly. Some examples below –

  • Attentive: Full featured but pricing is steep. It starts at $300 / month. Might not be a fit for everyone.
  • Klaviyo: Feature rich text message marketing platform. However, they don’t (as far as I could tell) let you get a local phone number. 
  • Avochato: Last in the “robust” category of bulk SMS service providers. Charge ~3 cents per text, along with $19 / month per user for their lowest (usable) tier. Unfortunately, you’re limited to one 100 person marketing “blast” per day.

Light Platforms

These are less featured but easier to use. Often more cost effective and simpler onboarding. Some examples below –

  • Sheet Gurus: The simplest platform. Install the Google Sheets extension, sign up, and you’re off and running. There is an $8 / month fee and it costs $0.04 per segment. 
  • EZ Texting: Lightweight platform with both MMS and SMS functionality. Starting at $20 per month. 
  • SimpleTexting: Basis SMS & MMS functionality that starts at $29 / month. They also pass through carrier fees. 


As with everything – the right answer for you depends! If you’re a large brand looking to manage massive campaigns - Attentive is probably the right choice. 

If you're a small business starting with mass texting services, try using Sheet Gurus.  It's the simplest with the lowest upfront cost. They also have great customer support.