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Texting Churches: Boost Engagement with Sheet Gurus
Sheet Gurus Team
Sheet Gurus Team
September 19, 2023
1 min

Great communication builds strong churches. Church leaders need Sheet Gurus.

What Is Bulk Texting?

SMS Bulk Texting is sending hundreds of unique SMS messages at the same time. Send thousands of event reminders, sermon notes, prayer requests at once. Type the message once and let Sheet Gurus help you personalize it for each church member. Mass texting for churches (or bulk texting for churches) is a great way to increase membership engagement.

Sheet Gurus will provide you a toll-free phone number that you can use to send church wide messages. You can easily personalize each message for church members. And they’ll receive your text without the need to download or use social media.

Why Church Text Messaging?

High Open Rates: Text messages consistently have 90%+ open rates. Text and email are both important, but texting has significantly higher open rates. Preferred Communication: People favor texting over phone calls and emails. It’s time to update your church’s communication strategy with SMS. No Apps or social media required: Everyone has a phone and everyone has texting — reach your church members where they are. No Group Texting. Each individual gets their own unique text. Why Sheet Gurus?

Church Mass SMS Texting: Use Sheet Gurus to send announcements about upcoming events, bible studies, updates, prayer requests, and other alerts. Genuine connections build thriving churches through 2-Way Messaging. Use Sheet Gurus to have 1-on-1 conversations with members using our unique Real Time Inbox functionality. Instantly see replies, receive incoming texts, and create a safe path for questions and feedback. Engage the Youth: Use Sheet Gurus to announce activities, notify students of volunteer opportunities, and communicate with parents about schedule changes. Strengthen Your Church Community

Engage members through personalized messages, prayer requests, and motivating content. With Sheet Gurus, you can nurture connections with new guests, coordinate events, and foster a sense of belonging within your community.

Ready to Transform Your Church’s Communication?

Sign up for Sheet Gurus today! Sheet Gurus is simpler and easier to use than other texting services for churches. Our responsive customer support is there to help you along your way. Sheet Gurus caters to everyone, from mega churches to small church plants.

See It In Action Below!


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