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Can you send texts from Google Sheets?

Yes! There are many ways to do it. Most are complicated like using Zapier to connect Google Sheets to Twilio, or creating a Twilio account and writing App Script code

The easiest way is to use Sheet Gurus Google Sheet extension. Sheet Gurus handles the Twilio registration -- you'll be up and running within 5 minutes.

I received a notification that says "account inactive" but I just subscribed, what does that mean?

The issue is that  the extension hasn't updated to included your new account state. Please close out google sheets and re-load the extension in a new google sheet. If that doesn't fix your error, please email help@sheetgurus.com.

What causes a SMS to be blocked?

In our experience, most messages that are blocked are blocked by a carrier (e.g. Verizon). Twilio discusses this further here. The short answer is avoid the following:

  • URL Shortening (TinyURL, Bitly)
  • URLs not specific to your business
  • Emojis / special characters
  • Discussing Illegal Things (more detail here on what is considered Illegal / Forbidden)

Do I get charged for failed messages?

Yes, we still charged for messages that were failed / unable to be delivered. Both Sheet Gurus and our SMS provider Twilio charge for any message delivery attempt, whether it was successful or not.

Are you able to schedule send texts?

Not at this time. If this would be helpful for you, please write into help@sheetgurus.com and let us know. 

How often do I get billed?

We bill $8 upon signup to cover that month's fee. After 30 days, we bill you for your next monthly fee ($8) plus your usage (in segments) x $.04 per segment. Go to https://sheetgurus.com/account/billing to see the amount due upon the next invoice.

For some folks who exceed certain usage tiers, they'll be billed once they exceed those usage tiers and not after 30 days.

Why do I need to submit my EIN during the signup process?

In order to provide you with a 10 digit number, our SMS vendor Twilio requires that we collect your EIN upon signup. Twilio compares your EIN with the other provided business information (address, website, etc.) to ensure the validity of your business. This is in an effort to reduce SMS spam campaigns and is in accordance to a2p 10dlc regulations.  

Sheet Gurus is supportive of this -- our goal is to provide the easiest possible SMS texting solutions for businesses and seeks to avoid spam messages however possible.  Additionally, we handle the complexities of registering your businesses so you don't have to!.

What is your pricing?

We charge an $8 monthly flat fee to access the service, and then $0.04 per segment. A segment is equal to 160 characters. So if the text you send is over that, you'll get charged for 2 segments (or more if over 320, and so on.)