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Hi folks - as a connoisseur of the Google Workspace Marketplace, I was excited to see another cool business in the space, Talarian, release a Chat GPT <> Google Sheets Integration.

I downloaded the extension and got it set up with my OpenAI account. The sidebar is well done (sidenote - we've been working to make the Sheet Gurus sidebar more intuitive and easy to use, hopefully will have an update shortly :)). 

After signup you'll see something like this.

You can choose between various models depending on how much power you need and the latency you're willing to deal with from OpenAI. 

So, if you're a Sheet Gurus customer, how can this help you? For one, you can use the GPT function to generate a custom text for you that even includes the variables. Here's an example, below. 

One other idea I had was around data cleaning. Let's say you had a list of phone numbers that had dashes or parentheses and you needed to convert them to straight 10 digit numbers, but didn't know the formula to do it. Let's see if Chat GPT can pull it off.

No sweat.

I've also used this functionality to clean long lists of customer data where names were incorrectly capitalized and I needed to standardize. 

I'm sure there are plenty more applications -- will be watching to see what people come up with. Feel free to share with me - matt@sheetgurus.com.